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Kate Salesin

I'm a PhD student at Dartmouth doing research in computer graphics.

Around the lab, I spend my time experimenting, educating, and writing.

Outside of the lab, I enjoy sailing, knitting, and statskeeping for Dartmouth hockey.


Combining Point and Line Samples for Direct Illumination

Katherine Salesin, Wojciech Jarosz. Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of EGSR), 38(4), July 2019.

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I am very interested in finding creative, engaging, and effective teaching tools for computer science and other scientific fields.


As a deckhand and educator on tall ships for Call of the Sea and Sea Education Association, I have taught elementary- to college-aged students basics of sail theory, marine ecology, oceanographic research, modern and historical navigation techniques, and seamanship.

Science Day Station Leader

Science Day at Dartmouth is an annual event where graduate students teach kids about their research and plan fun, hands-on activities. I organized a computer graphics station that taught kids and parents about some of the science behind their favorite movies and video games and we did ray tracing in real life!

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Teaching Assistant

As a TA, I hold office hours, help write and grade assignments and exams, and mentor students on the design and implementation of long-term projects of their own design.


These are some projects I have worked on for fun and for past jobs.

Photonic Sentry Data Visualization Scientist

Photonic Sentry is a Global Good/Intellectual Ventures start-up that has created a laser to zap mosquitoes, psyllids, and other pests out of the air. As a data visualization team member, I created tools for logging, organizing, and visualizing live research data from lasers and cameras. I also designed their logo and created their website.

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I built a xylophone for fun as a computational geometry and woodworking project one spring. I wrote a Medium blog series describing the physics, computations, and woodworking process in detail.

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Graphic + Web + App Design

I've created simple, fun logos, websites, and promotional materials for several start-ups. I've also made promotional materials for many places I have worked in other roles.

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Sustainable Sushi Guide

App Design

I designed, developed, and released an iOS app (begun as a school project) called Sustainable Sushi Guide that translates Japanese sushi tersm to English, provides sustainability information about the seafood, and educates users on the sustainability of common fishing and farming practices.

Photonic Sentry

Logo + Web Design

Photonic Sentry is a Global Good/Intellectual Ventures start-up that has created a laser to zap mosquitoes, psyllids, and other pests out of the air. They are based at the Intellectual Ventures Laboratory in Bellevue, Washington.

Their logo captures the "zap!" of the laser.

No Fry Zone

Logo Design

No Fry Zone is a start-up that has created a solar-powered sunscreen spray kiosk that provides easy, on-the-go sun protection at "danger zones" like the beach and reduces plastic waste from sunscreen bottles. They are currently testing initial iterations in Singapore.

Their logo is an abstract sun, with colors ranging from a cheerful yellow to dangerous red. The rich red at the center accentuates the "fry." The circular shapes also resemble light spray emanating from a can or nozzle.


Logo Design

NDAx is a secure and streamlined solution for companies and individuals looking to exchange confidential information. Unlike the traditional process of paper faxing and filing, their solution is entirely virtual.

Their logo conveys the idea that once a non-disclosure agreement is signed, the "black tape" of censorship comes off and information can be revealed.

Cornell Athletics

Graphic Design

While I was a student at Cornell University, I kept stats at many varsity athletic matches and designed media guides, game notes, and other publications for the press and public.


I have also found some opportunities to serve my computer science community.